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Interpretation of Terms

Company or is an online service that holds the domain to provide academic writing services under academic standards.

EduWritings Professional or Expert is a real person, who is hired by the Company as a specialist in a certain academic field to provide writing services for Company’s customers under the Company Agreement.

A customer is a person who contacts to get professional writing help or consultation from an Expert. This is also a person who uses Company’s samples and free services.

Writing Service is a service that is provided from the Company’s services list by its Expert under the customer’s requirements which are: type of paper, deadline, formatting style, discipline, topic, academic level.

To Provide a Writing Service means to create from scratch, assist with editing or proofreading, write a certain part of the academic assignment for a Customer under his requirements.

Product means a final draft of a provided Writing Service. It is a document with all the information that should be included according to requirements (text, images, reference page, title page, infographics, statistics etc). This document is a sample that is not designed for presentation in any academic institution that is controlled, licensed, or registered by the state.

General Terms supports the global idea of developing individual learning courses that improve the results of higher education.

In this document, we share all the necessary information about using Company’s services.

  • proclaims that trafficking in academic materials is a violation of law and harms the educational processes, so such approaches and practices are prohibited for members and customers.
  • Experts aren’t allowed to support and advocate academic dishonesty which includes providing any help for students in cheating, obtaining degrees with a paper written by Expert, improving academic reputation and grades with papers written by an Expert.
  • Any practice of helping students with cheating, creating copies of someone’s materials, or any other kind of violation of the academic rules is prohibited for Experts. In the case of caught expert in helping students to cheat or violate academic standards, the Expert will be removed from a platform.

Violation of Academic Standards in Terms of

  • Plagiarism. Using the work of Expert without referencing.
  • Collusion. Cooperating with other individuals to complete the academic task out of the authorized rules.
  • Copying. Representing the paper written by Expert as the property of the individual, with or without informing the Expert of
  • Impersonation. Presenting oneself as another person or encouraging someone to act in such a way.
  • Contract cheating. Signing a contract with a third party to complete any kind of academic appointment for a reward.
  • Data fabrication. Manipulating the real data with the aim to prove untruth suggestions.

List of Prohibited Task Requests Users

Any customer of regardless of the device and platform who violates the limitations and rules indicated in these Terms will be banned permanently and their account will be deleted without the option to renew the access.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of inquiries that don’t match the Terms of

  • Completing the academic appointment under someone’s name and surname.
  • Using anyone’s identity for any goals.
  • Creating academic papers that a student will present as an individual work.
  • Getting the ready answers to any kind of tests, exams or lab works without a permission of a tutor to ask for help from anybody.
  • Ghostwriting of academic papers about Medicine.
  • Ghostwriting of dissertations, theses, and term papers.
  • Fabricating data and quotes.
  • Writing financial reports without the documents that prove the result.
  • Any other type of paper or assignment that doesn’t match educational policies.

Message to Students

It is prohibited for users and Customers of to use the Company’s service for any kind of activity that infringes the academic policies. customers aren’t also allowed to hire experts (from the platform or in any other way) to cheat on exams, obtain grades and degrees or violate academic standards in any other way.

Message to Experts

At we support any willing to educate and provide opportunities to learn for Experts. We encourage only professional attitude according to academic integrity. Expert is expected to follow the next recommendations:

  • don’t initiate or participate in any occasions that might violate academic policies;
  • don’t help or encourage students to cheat on academic tasks;
  • don’t provide a Writing Service to a Customer if he would use this service in an appropriate way (to cheat with the academic tasks, copy the drafts, etc.)

Message to Parents and Teachers asks all parents and tutors to support academic integrity and communicate the message of an educational mission to any student. We believe that successful education is built on a professional approach, individual willingness, learning from samples, and following academic policies.

The recommendations for teachers:

  • Encourage students to share their works and compendiums from classes with each other to make the fair learning process
  • Encourage students to use academic samples for inspiration to cope with academic tasks;
  • Don’t prohibit students to use Products from when they need the Product to improve a learning process;
  • Don’t prohibit students to ask for tutorial assistance and guidance on different tasks from Experts. This guidance shall not include writing the papers for students to obtain grades and degrees, doing research, preparing lab reports, or giving answers for exams and tests.

The recommendations for parents:

  • Provide students with financial support to get Products that will improve the learning process;
  • Encourage students to use samples for inspiration on academic tasks;
  • Encourage students to follow academic standards.

Academic Integrity Violation Report

If you have witnessed any occasion that represents the violation of academic rules within our Company, please, contact our support and report the abuse.

How our service is used

Our Products are NOT allowed to be used to obtain grades and degrees. Our Products can’t be used as final drafts for any academic projects. Any of our Products can be used only to improve the learning process.