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The Honor Code Honor Code Policy discloses the information about supporting academic integrity and academic rules at our Company. In this Code we reveal our vision on Customers’ attitude to our Product. At the same time, we reveal our vision on how other platforms, Experts, freelancers, and tutors should use our Product.

EduWritings Honor Code

All members denounce any kind of violation of the academic rules and standards. We condemn cheating, copying, plagiarizing, and any other way to ignore the academic policies.


We denounce corporate unfairness and willing to ignore corporate policies. We don’t provide assistance on fraud, cheating, or any other kind of illegal activity. If any Expert, Customer, or another user of our platform will be caught in illegal activity, he will be rapidly banned and his account will be deleted without an opportunity to renew it or create a new account.

We Denounce The Following:

  • Cheating: any kind of forbidden outside help with academic tasks.
  • Plagiarism: representing any kind of paperwork as an individual’s property to obtain a grade or degree, or for any other purpose that violates academic rules.
  • Impersonation. Using anyone’s personal data for any occasion. Experts, Managers, and other team members don’t assist with tests or quizzes.

Our team and partners also don’t encourage or participate in cheating, plagiarizing, copying, or providing any other kind of activity that infringes the academic standards. If any member of our team, or any User is caught taking part in such activity, he will be banned permanently on our platform.

Message to Individuals team is sensitive about the time limitations and complex programs that are set by academic institutions. However, we don’t support any kind of violation of the rules that are set by colleges, high schools, and universities.

  • No one can use our Platform and ask our employers or partners to take part in any kind of illegal activity.
  • No one can copy our samples and pass them to a tutor as individual work.

Message to Teachers and Professors

We understand all the efforts that you make to create an effective educational program and maintain academic integrity. We actively support all the efforts and provide Products that will improve the learning process.

We encourage all the teachers and educational organizations to tell us about any honor code violations whether they are made by our team members, our partners, or competitors.

Message to Business

We provide a guarantee of ensuring qualified assistance on academic tasks. At the same time, we don’t provide assistance if you want to use our Product to violate academic integrity. We also denounce any violations by our partners and competitors.

  • Individual users and corporates are not allowed to use to break the law.
  • Individual users and corporate companies aren’t allowed to encourage our Experts or Customers to violate the academic standards.

Message to Freelancers is a Company that provides an opportunity to monetize a writing skill and a specific knowledge in a certain field. At the same time, we encourage you to follow the academic policies and follow our Honor Code. As an Expert you are recommended to:

  • Ignore any offers that break the academic rules and standards;
  • Refuse the requests to cheat on exams, lab reports, research papers or any other academic tasks.

EduWritings Limitations and Prohibitions

Any User of EduWritings platform who violates the academic rules or limitations that are listed in our Honor Code, will be rapidly banned from our Company without an opportunity to renew the account or create a new one. Here is the non-exhaustive list of actions that violate our policies:

  • Creating untruthful reports;
  • Creating personal statements resumes, and other similar papers with fake experience;
  • Using someone’s identity for any reason;
  • Assisting with cheating on exams, tests, lab works, and other academic tasks;
  • Ghostwriting any academic works that are necessary for obtaining degrees;
  • Fabrication of data for reports, research papers, or other academic papers.

If you have witnessed any actions made by our Experts or Users that break the law or violate academic standards, please contact our support and report the illegal activity.

Report Violation

At we trust the professionals who can ensure qualified assistance on academic assignments. At the same, we truly declare that such assistance should follow all the academic rules. If you know that someone violates the academic rules through our platform, please, send a report.

Indicate the Kind of Violation That You Have Witnessed


We denounce all the offers, requests, and contracts that imply copying, plagiarising, or stealing someone’s paperwork.


We judge any attempt to use someone’s identity to conduct illegal actions.

Breaking the Policies

We denounce any activity that doesn’t match academic policies or breaks the law.

Online Bulling

We prohibit any attempt to share private content or participate in any kind of threats and harassment.

Violating Confidentiality

We don’t allow to sharing of any personal information of our Users and Experts. Private data, e-mails, images, photos, and any other kind of private data should be protected.


If you witnessed any other violation of the law within our platform, please, share the details of your report.

How our service is used

Our Products are NOT allowed to be used to obtain grades and degrees. Our Products can’t be used as final drafts for any academic projects. Any of our Products can be used only to improve the learning process.